Located in Blackstone, MA 01504 USA


Avery Lucas received her Master of Fine Arts in Jewelry/Metals at the University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth in 2012 and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island College in 2009. Lucas is currently a studio artist, teacher, production jeweler, and mold maker in Massachusetts. Avery has taught at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Rhode Island College, the School for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Metalwerx, and the Fuller Craft Museum. She has also lectured at East Carolina University, State University of New York - New Paltz, and at the 2015 SNAG Conference. Avery has been nationally recognized as a 2014 Niche Award finalist and has won “Best Of” Contemporary Art Month for a featured exhibition at Equinox Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.

Artist Statement:

My studio practice is a push and pull of tool marks against copper as I cultivate my relationship between material and my own hands. I use the iconography of the body as rendered through drawing, forming, repousse, and chasing. The very act of mark making creates an opposing duality between the hard metal and the emotion conveyed within the rendered gesture. My jewelry and sculpture make contact with the viewer or wearer though the rendering of hand gestures and skin as a way to create empathy. The work is a catalog of my own kinesthetic understanding and analysis of human emotion. As a maker, I rely on my own two hands to define and articulate a space within which to define my own capacity for feeling and understanding.

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